Talent Management


“There is no substitute for talent. Industry and the all virtues are of no avail.” – Aldous Hexley


Talent Development Program

Talent is distinctive and difficult to imitate by competitors. In this hypercompetitive market, a strong talent development program is the way to keep you ahead of the competition. Nonetheless, organisations often face higher business demands with fewer resources. Employees’ workloads are heavier, deadlines are shorter, and recognitions are lesser. Interestingly, people leave their bosses, not the jobs. And you realise talent retention strategy and business strategy must go hand-in-hand. We provide communication and employee engagement programs helping Organisation Leaders integrate people into business strategy in multigenerational workforce. Check out the following communication and employee engagement programs for more details.

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This is a one-day team-building workshop that drives everyone in the organisation establish greater clarity, alignment, and commitment to achieve the organisation vision through actionable steps. Contact us to find out more about the workshop details.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Developing Facilitation Skills program” panel=”2″]

This is a series of experiential learning program that helps managers use facilitation skills to generate interactive group learning, communication cascade, and developing competencies of the groups of talent. Contact us to find out more about the program details.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Salesforce Effectiveness Pulse Check” panel=”3″]

This is an assessment exercise objectively evaluate the salesforce effectiveness. It provides insightful information regarding specific sales practices and sales behaviours the salesforce needed in talent development. Contact us to find out more about the Pulse Check details.

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[testimonial name=”Tan Teck Heng” company=”Engineer Manager | Infineon Technologies Kulim” link=”” target=””]”Thanks a lot, Simon. Your coaching sessions helped me learning coaching skills systematically. I’m glad to see my young engineers have improved their technical competencies and independent at work.”[/testimonial][testimonial name=”Achmad Nurfian” company=”National Training Manager | Unilever Foodsolutons Indonesia” link=”” target=””]”Simon is a great coach to me. I have never met someone like him teaching and sharing knowledge and experiences using such a unique coaching technique.”[/testimonial] [/testimonials]


If you are seriously interested in improving your talent management strategy, we have the resources to help you. Get in touch with us for more information.