“Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work.” – Seth Godin


Sales Leadership Programs

Most managers learn about leadership from their bosses. Good bosses are genuine, caring, influential, and inspiring. The bad ones are usually self-centred, poor listener, manipulative, and demoralizing. Good or bad, they shape up the company leadership culture. As the organisation changes rapidly, coaching leadership has become essential approach in business management. You need to be situational in your leadership styles to get things done. We provide sales leadership skills training and coaching programs helping Sales Managers become empowering manager-coach to their co-workers. Check out the following leader development programs for more details.

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This is a two-day experiential learning program that helps the Sales Managers, Sales leaders, and Business Leaders master the science and art of sales leadership. Contact us to find out more about the course details.

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This is a two-day experiential learning program that helps the Field Sales Leaders master the application of coaching skills in field sales. Contact us to find out more about the course details.

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This is a series of one-on-one or team coaching sessions enhancing the Organisation Leaders’ ability to learn and develop leadership skills from work-life experience. Contact us to find out more about our coaching program.

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[testimonial name=”Fergus Balfour” company=”Chief Operating Officer | Unilever Foodsolutions Asia Africa and Middle East” link=”” target=””]”Simon is always down to earth and practical in his approach but he has real insight into what it takes to raise standards and connect this to business results.”[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Richard Gan” company=”Sales Director | Star Asia Malaysia, a company of Coty Beauty International” link=”” target=””]”Having to work together with Simon has been a great learning. His passion in developing people has able to drive sales team to greater heights”[/testimonial] [/testimonials]


If you are seriously interested in shaping up your leadership capability, we have the resources to help you. Get in touch with us for more information.