Simon is a Sales Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, and Speaker.
He is also the founder of Minds & Senses Coaching Academy, the first learning centre for sales coaching mastery in Malaysia and few in the world.

Simon helps Business and Sales Managers master the leadership skills they need,
so they can build Committed Results-Driven Team and have Best Talented People stay for the business.

Why Clients Hire Simon?

When you're leading a team, you are no longer working for the goal alone. You need a team to help you achieve business goal bigger than what you can do in solo.

With more than 20 years of corporate experience and clocked more than 1,000 coaching hours, Simon has helped many Managers effectively communicate the business vision, build leadership strengths, and create diversity and inclusion work culture that are crucial for business continuity.

Busy clients hire Simon to shorten the time they need in building winning Sales Organisation, that is never easy learning from books, video, or attending seminars.


Simon is always down to earth and practical in his approach. He has real insights into what it takes to raise standards and connect this to business results.

Fergus Balfour Chief Operating Officer for Asia, Africa & Middle East clusters

Guide to Leadership Standards

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Don't You Want To Have A Perfect Team Like This?


Always do the right things


Stick together do great things


Stay on the leading edge

Being an experienced coach, Simon was able to gain my trust quickly and thus delve into my inner self and how to mitigate my negative feelings. I am now a better person and feel better.

Vice President of Rubber Cluster Services , Malaysian-based agricultural company

Some of The Clientele

malaysia milk

Simon's patience and dedication had improved my public speakings skill that allowed me to increase my career options.

Avans Kow

Your coaching sessions helped me learning coaching skills systematically. I'm glad to see my young engineers have improved their technical competencies and independent at work.

Tan Teck Heng , Engineer Manager (Malaysia)

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